Hi all:
This section is simply for us to write whatever we feel like, so you can get to know us better.

You will read anything and everything about our upcoming projects, how we feel about them, our moods, our aspirations, our goals, long terms and short term.  Kinda like a diary.

Our ultimate goal is not necessarily for you to like us more, or like our music more, but rather, for you to understand what it is that we  stand for.

So what do we stand for?  simple: “soulful, funky, well produced, quality house music.”    – We are not about quantity, but rather quality, and even though we have tons of tracks currently ready to go and in the hub, we will have limited monthly releases of our own material, as well as a series of collaborations with other artists whom we think are in this industry for the right reasons.

We can rock the dance floor with kick drums all night long, but adding a funky bass line, some live acoustic sounds, and rich soulful vocals is what makes us Stereo Martini. Our sound, our passion and our mission is to bring back meaning to four on the floor.

So navigate this site, and feel free to drop us a line or comment at info@stereomartini.com

Post your comments below.