Stereo stands for music, Martini stands for party.


Alonso Mendez and Gerard Briz. A top nightclub dj and a trained jazz musician/audio engineer meet up and realize that they share the same passion for quality music, and more importantly, a common work ethic to get clubs pumping, thus effortlessly the pieces fall in place for a funky mix down and massive bass sounds.


Together they produce, remix, write, compose, arrange, engineer and release their style of house and electronic music, served with a twist recognized as their own brand of Shaken or Stirred versions for every production or podcast generated.


Stereo Martini has remixed the likes of Sak Noel (“Loca People” 2011 – Stereo Martini Shaken Remix), Jes (“Love Song” 2011 – Stereo Martini Shaken Remix), Jully Black (“Pushin”, and “Set It Off” – 2011 – Stereo Martini Shaken Remix), Matt Dusk (“Feels Good” 2011 – Stereo Martini version), India (“I Can’t Get No Sleep 2008” – Stereo Martini Shaken Remix), America Olivo (“Deja Vu” 2009 – Stereo Martini Shaken and Stirred remixes), and many others; plus additional releases of original material and collaborations with artists such as America Olivo, Tony Bishop, Emjay, Storm Newton, Teria, Armando, Jessie Reyes, and others.


Stereo Martini loves pounding kick drums on the dance floor, and great quality tracks.